The Campaign For DA


Let's Bring Down The Lights For A Moment

Those that know me the best know that I have a sappy side. It can take a little work to get there but, yeah, that side of me exists. And tonight I got reminded of that. Someone sends me by email of an article written by Sports Illustrated's Rick Reilly and a link to a youtube video to view after I read it. No way I'm wasting my time on that, I thought. Anyway, the skeptical side of me figured it was a hoax anyway so I went to to verify my suspicions. It wasn't a hoax. You can read the article here (where I went to verify the story.) Although there is a link located there, the video my buddy sent me is here. Yeah, it will take you a couple of minutes to read and a couple of minutes to view, but you sappy ones out there will thank me.