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A Pee Wee Size Mike Singletary

(That's a linebacker reference for you non-1980s-Baylor-Fans). Sidenote: Check out the huge size of the kid not involved in the play - he can be seen a second before the video ends. (It's short - about 13 seconds.)


Anonymous said...

Some of my fondest memories of single adulthood involve sitting in the stadium in Waco and watching Singltary and Abercrombie do it to the likes of Houston, SMU, and then goign to "Pyle Stadium" and watching them do it to the CT heros.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous to have kids play ball so young. They don't want to, and do it only to please their idiot dads. You can be a very, very good football player and choose to do so on your own, as late as high school. Pee wee is for pea brains.

SkidRow said...

As a parent of young kids who have started going through the pee wee ranks, I completely agree with you. Do the kids in South Americas or deep Harlem get so good playing in organized pee wee? No, they play on their own (for fun and love of the game) in sandlots, cracked courts, etc.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some peoples kids don't get picked to play (cuz they suck).