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The Star-Telegram Was Bi-Polar Today

Both articles appeared today. (But the cutting and scanning was sooooo not worth the effort.)


Anonymous said...

What would we do without experts?

Anonymous said...

airtran??? you mean ValuDeath!!!

mzchief said...

The Startlegram is actually ATTEMPTING to please ALL people at the SAME time.

I personally PREFER the "reduce airfares" story.


Anonymous said...

So, if you believed everything you read--you'd be split in two! How funny!

Anonymous said...

Two totally different topics. One dealing with national trends, the other is a local carrier and short term impacts at DFW only. Both headlines are correct, as fewer carriers nationally would reduce competition that might yield higher fares, while in our area if Airtran expanded we might see a few lower fares as American responded. Anyone who actually paid attention would realize this.

Ken Akerman said...

Both may be correct. An airline merger may increase fares on some routes, while decreasing fares on other routes. For example, if two airlines that both fly between the same two destinations merge, then the new airline would likely eliminate redundant routes, increasing fares. However, the newly merged airline may find new opportunities to increase flights to popular destinations that were previously being underserved and where the fares were high. This would decrease fares on routes to those destinations.