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Dr. Phil Kicks "Bumfight" Producer Off The Show
This is so weird - it happened a few days ago. Dr. Phil has some guy on his show who produces "Bumfights" - videos of homeless people doing violent acts for money. Dr. Phil starts the show with a pre-packaged video segment of excerpts from the videos then, after the thing is clearly about over, dramatically says "Stop the tape." Then, it gets stranger. The young producer of "Bumfights" is sitting on stage dressed as Dr. Phil - complete with a bald head. Then Dr. Phil kicks the guy off stage because "I don't want to talk to you." Then Dr. Phil turns to the audience and says, "I'm sorry. I just watched that footage and it is despicable and I refuse to publicize it." What? This show isn't live is it? Didn't he make a decision to publicize it by airing it?