I'm In Pain

I'm proud to announce that I didn't die and successfully completed my first half marathon this morning. (Although, as the clip above indicates, I will never be able to prove it since I will forever be remembered as "Barron Green" in the official records. Question: How does that happen when I'm the one that entered my name in the registration system?). Time: 2:02.43. Pace per mile: 9:22. Sore? You bet. Observations: - 13.11 miles is a long way - I really got light headed on the last three miles - When I passed the 8 mile mark, I realized I was now running a longer distance than I ever had in my life. A very odd feeling for a middle aged white guy. - Very interesting: 4,570 people participated in the half marathon of which 2,501 were female and 2,069 were males - There were a lot of those women that passed my by - Several times I thought to myself, "Hey, now!" - The event started at the American Airlines Center and you can't believe the amount of construction going on around it - The race began by winding us through Uptown. I ran right by an apartment I lived in exactly 20 years ago (at a rate of $350 a month) - The race is a huge event for those just watching - neighborhoods were lined with people cheering us on and holding signs. - My favorite signs: "Run Forest Run!" and one with a picture of Borat reading: "You run far. Niiiiiice." - The homes in the Turtle Creek area were amazing. The homes on Swiss Avenue were older but beautiful. - After the race, the AAC was opened up with free fruit, yogart, and (oddly) pizza. But that's not as odd as the free beer stand - There is absolutely no way in the world I could complete a full marathon