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Uh, Oh

I'm sorry to announce that the police and local media have seized some of my IM messages. To do damage control, I'll release the following. BGStud1: So what up? FB4All: Nothing. Working. BGStud1: Me too. But I don't want to. So, what are you wearing? FB4All: Uh, what? BGStud1: Come on, describe it. FB4All: Well, kakhis and a dress shirt. BGStud1: Oh, baby. That's kinky. I was kinda hoping for that new skirt. FB4All: Uh, Barry. This is Bob. Your pastor. BGStud1: Oh, man. Sorry. Wrong IM. TTYL. Let's just keep this between us, Ok. Bless you. [BGStud1 has signed off] ------------------ Concept stolen from here.

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Anonymous said...

Aren't liberals opposed to any kind of wiretapping, eavesdropping, or warrantless seizure of property?