The Campaign For DA



If you listen to the Oasis you won't anymore. Link.


Anonymous said...

The quality of the music is on the same level. Kenny G is as culturally bankrupt as any of the "artists" listed in the article.

Dewhurt has it wrong. The people that should be put to death are the people that listen to shitty music.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I think 6:41 is the ultimate redneck. Obviously uneducated in music and without class. I can't even resond any further because .... too many reasons.

I am devastaed about the radio station! I listened to it the first day it came on the air as 106.1 and then through the change to 107.5 and up until the very minute of the change. My CD collection has grown leaps and bounds because of introduction to the such amazing artists.

I'm still upset over Caravan of Dreams (the ultimate jazz club in Sundance Square where many of these artists performed) selling to Reatta so more snotty people could have their dining experience.

It all makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

Jazz = Miles Davis, Charlie Parker. "Smooth jazz" = pure tripe.