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Supreme Court Boring News

The Supreme Court opened today since it was the First Monday in October . . . oh, wait . . . The start of Yom Kippur on Monday delayed the opening one day. (Whatever happened to that church and state deal?) Anyway, the Court heard arguments this morning in a boring deportation case but the big news was that the transcript of the arguments was posted on the Internet before the afternoon was over. That is the first time in the history of ever. (Do not click on the link - it's a 45 page pdf file.) But people are already buzzing over Justice Scalia, as noted above, assuming that a Mexican who has been deported to Mexico is already drinking tequila. I, as a liberal, am offended.


mzchief said...

Just ONE question...WHEN did Justice Scalia suffer a stroke?

Anonymous said...

I think Dahlia Lithwick and everyone else who thinks Justice Scalia's remark is offensive needs to explain what, exactly, is offensive about his remark. Drinking alchohol was brought up by both Justice Roberts and one of the lawyers during arguments before Justice Scalia spoke. Drinking alcohol is a violation of the early release conditions. The fact that Justice Scalia used Tequila (Mexico's national drink) as a specific example of alcohol in his reply is innocuous. I think people are trying to manufacture a problem here because they don't like Justice Scalia.