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Random Thoughts Not Worthy Of Individual Posts

- The country should have a one week holiday declared every year. We would all be on vacation at the same time without guilt. (Except hotel, food and entertainment employees would have to work.) - I started watching the Godfather for the first time ever. I had to put the subtitles on. But so far, so good. - I haven't been in the Decatur Lowe's yet - The headline in the Messenger today that read "Silence of the Stands" was very clever (it was about the fireworks ban) - Every morning I eat one low fat eggroll with skim milk - Jeff Crilley of Fox 4 News has the most dramatic silent voice in the history of ever - I have no idea who the girls in this photo to right are - I don't believe you can ever learn anything meaningful if you eat lunch with more than three people at one time - Tazers are a great idea. In a person to person stand off, no one has to die - At every Dallas City Council meeting, there is a sign interpreter for the deaf. I bet 99% of the time there is not a deaf person in the audience - The Supreme Court opinion today about Texas redistricting was over 100 pages long. - My favorite moment of the day is when I crawl into bed - I watch HBO's Entourage but that's about it (as far as regular entertainment programs are concerned) - I don't understand anyone who eats alone that doesn't have a magazine or newspaper to read - I know of three Dallas Morning News newstands in Decatur. (And the one across from the Messenger is oftentimes empty by noon). - I read the sports page first, the editorial/op-ed page next, then the metro section, and then the business section. (And I generally skim all of it in the matter of 15 minutes) - There should be a standardized concept to the "home menu" of every DVD. - I receive Newsweek and People at my home. - I never buy the USA Today but it is by far the best newspaper in America - The first time I saw the Internet was in 1996. A buddy of mine showed me a weather satellite photo that had been taken 15 minutes earlier. I couldn't believe that could be delivered on demand into your home. I rambled on and on about the Internet for the next couple of months and people looked at me like I was crazy. - I had a jonesin' for Elaine in the first three years of Seinfeld. After that, didn't care for her too much. - One of these days I'm just going to walk away from it all