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Random News Thought

Every morning on the local news, there are about three or four stories of fires (apartment, home, warehouse) that occurred the day before. Every report ends with "investigators have not determined the cause of the blaze." They don't have to say that.


Anonymous said...

I agree. And then they will call the firefolks together to "follow up" on an investigation

Wanna bet this is more state/federal paperwork?

Anonymous said...

Correct. Just once, would be nice (though sad) for a news promo to reflect what was going to be on the news later than night. Something like: "Stay tuned! On News At 10 tonight, we'll tell you who's dead and how. We'll tell you who is suffering, as well as who has been robbed or victimized. And in sports, we'll have the latest on who has been taking drugs. And in weather, it rained hard today, creeks and roads flooded which means, of course, we'll tell you who's dead."

Anonymous said...

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