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It was 6:30 a.m. last Saturday morning. I, for some unexplained reason, always sleep with the TV on. I awake, groggily, and look at the screen to see Channel 8's Debbie Denmon (live) interviewing former Olympic Star Mary Lou Retton. Sweet Mary Lou was about to go to some "Race for the Cure" or something. But what's the real reason she was on TV at the break of dawn? Mary Lou is a new spokesman for a Pfizer product to assist those that constantly go to the bathroom. “I used to have to go to the bathroom constantly, sometimes more than 25 times a day,” I heard her say. I don't know why that moment was so surreal to me. But I did have to go to the bathroom at that point.


Anonymous said...

Funny, Barry!

mzchief said...

I too always leave on the television when I sleep. I make a point to have it tuned to CNN Headline News just prior to dozing off so I don’t wake to some sort of insane morning “news” program or an infomercial.

Poor Barry, you experienced the worst of both worlds. Mary Lou spilling her guts about her weak bladder so as to hawk drugs for Pfizer.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it all happened so you wouldn't pee in your undies.

Reagan RIP said...

Can you imagine the lick fest if this had been Catie "Perky" Couric interviewing Mary "Perky" Lou?