My Very Rare No Comment Policy

Ok, let me explain. For the three of you that follow The Blog closely, you know that I normally let comments go uncensored. 98% of the time, you guys are funny, crazy, odd, insightful, or suffer from various mental disorders. I love 'em all. So.... (1) Why don't I allow comments about prosecutions at the courthouse? Hey, I generally like everyone up there, but I'll be honest: I have to work with those guys. If somebody on here bashes DA Jana Jones, CA Greg Lowery, Judge Cude or Judge Fostel, do you think I look forward to trying to negotiate a plea deal or arguing a motion? No!!!!! I've been there. I know how hard those jobs are. They don't need any more stress than what the system puts upon them on a daily basis. But do I have financial motivations by keeping people from bashing them at will? You bet. I won't deny that. (2) Why don't I allow comments on the Simpson trial? This is a tougher call for me. Basically, Ross Simpson and Mike Simpson have been my friends for over twenty years. It's the first time I've let friendship interfere with The Blog, but when I saw the comments rolling in, it just didn't feel right. (Quite frankly, I've come to appreciate the Messenger and the Index that sometimes have to write unflattering stories about folks that pay money to advertise in their papers.) (3) Why don't I delete comments about me? Because after years of having a thin skin, it's become somewhat thick of late. On this Blog I've been called short, lazy, gay, obsessed with women under thirty, perverted, stupid and a "dumb ass". All of which, with the exception of one, are true. :) Is this policy hypocritical? Probably. But I have my faults. I do this for fun. Ten years ago I thought I would get rich off "Wise County on the Web". Maybe one day I might actually make a buck. But for now, bear with me as I struggle to make this fun on a forum that sometimes makes me shake my head in amazement.