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I'm Brain Dead

After spending four hours in a meeting.


Anonymous said...

and just think i'm sitting here behind a desk getting paid to spend another man's money. it's more than $5.15 an hour but he still pays me to spend it!

Anonymous said... could have just spent the last 4 hours with two screaming children (boys). I'd rather be in a meeting.

Anonymous said...

There's no reason two kids should be screaming for four hours. Issues there.

einstein said...

I guess that is why you made the stupid ass comment about minimum wage. Please give ten good reasons why we should raise minimum wage. Who do you think gives these businesses the money so they can pay their workers more?

mzchief said...

Barry, I am so very pleased to know a 4 hour meeting only makes you "brain dead." For me a 30 minute meeting makes me "brain dead" a 4 hour meeting makes me want to kill EVERYONE who said ANYTHING during the meeting.