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"If You Mess With The Bull"

Paul Gleason, who played the principal in "The Breakfast Club" died over the weekend. That was a great movie. I've learned that he made numerous guest appearances in TV shows from the 1970s such as "Love American Style", "Adam-12", "Mission: Impossible" that I'd love to see now. And he died from mesothelioma - a cancer caused by asbestos. What's that about?


Anonymous said...

The Breakfast Club is one of the greatest movies ever and it should be mandatory viewing for Junior High and High School students. There is much to be learned from this movie.

This man was in many many shows and was one of those great character actors that seemed to get overlooked.

m&m said...

He was a great actor, I loved him in Trading Places.

Anonymous said...

Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe? Funny Funny movie. Many great lines.