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Check out this hole in one by Fuzzy Zoeller. As described by ESPN: Zoeller stole the show with a hole in one on the 170-yard 16th hole, an ace he never saw. Zoeller's drive landed in the rough on the fringe of the green and to the left of the pin. Thinking he had a chip shot in front of him, Zoeller stepped off to the side and asked his caddie for his sandwich. But after laying still for almost 10 seconds, the ball slowly trickled down the green and into the cup. Zoeller, who finished with a 68 to reach 7-under, gave the crowd a wry grin and a sarcastic thumbs-up after one of the most improbable of his 16 career aces.. YouTube video clip.


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That is insane!!

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Any hole in one is a combination of luck and skill. The greater the skill, the less need for luck. This shot is just a one in several million chnace by a skilled player.