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Runaway Bay

Buried in a Friday Dallas Morning News story on counterfeiting was this: "An 18-month run of printing, selling and passing fake $100 bills at area stores ended with a guilty plea last month by a 45-year-old Runaway Bay, Texas man. Agents found more than $17,000 of his counterfeit money stored in a Bedford warehouse. . . . The recent roundup [of other men] was launched after one prolific counterfeiter wreaked havoc on local merchants in Runaway Bay." I don't think I heard anything about this. And why they didn't print the guy's name is a mystery.


Anonymous said...

"Phillip Mark Decker" 45---via Google

mzchief said...

Phillip Mark Decker admitted that he manufactured counterfeit currency for between 18 months and two years earlier, and had passed some of the currency himself. He also sold some for 20 percent of face value. Decker pleaded guilty May 12 to passing counterfeit $100 bills. He faces a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine if convicted.
Fort Worth Star Telegram - June 01, 2006

With the nasty politics, kiddy porn, incest and counterfeiting all Runaway Bay needs is a horny councilwoman and a philandering preacher who tends to the needs of the females of his flock and RAB would have the makings of a soap opera. Oh wait; it had the cheating preacher the year after RAB had the wife who attempted to hire a hit man to waste her husband and the horny councilwoman is an ongoing saga.
Does anyone know how to get in touch with Hollywood?

Anonymous said...

And so many there are involved in the swaps. That is legal, though.