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High School Results?

The Messenger posts the scores here.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid its not going to last long for anyone-

Yes, Decatur, Bridgeport, and Boyd all won, but, Burkburnett, Breckenridge, and Bowie all suck pretty bad. All three teams should have had bigger margins of victory.

My prediction: Decatur won't make the playoffs. Boyd will win their district...only because its the easiest district in class 2A. Bridgeport will squeak its way into the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

wow, someone don't follow wise county football very much.

decatur and bridgeport take the top two spots and both beat good teams this weekend, and burkburnett is a 4A school at that.

paradise wins district

Anonymous said...

The fact that Burkburnett is 4A doesn't mean much. For one, they are a really bad 4A team. Two, they are barely 4A anyways.

You're right, I may not follow Wise County football as well as you do, but thats probably because I follow the whole state.

Anonymous said...

But for all of us DIE HARD home town fans (whichever town we are from) we don't appreciate everyone else NON DIE HARD fans being so tacky and predicting anything before they have seen them play. Whichever team my child plays for will be the one I am proud of and will be rooting for, whether win or lose. Now that is a DIE HARD HOME TOWN FOOTBALL FAN!!!

Anonymous said...

HMMMMM....Reality sure does hurt, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous #1...If you would have been at the Bowie/Boyd game you would know that Boyd sucked too and if YOU CAN READ stats you would see proof. Bowie had Boyd beat with 3 seconds left on the clock. Bowie has a hell of a defense

Anonymous said...

bowie lost, and that's all that matters. those three seconds wont show up in the record column.

boyd won, so i guess bowie sucks more

bigcatdaddy said...
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