Where's Baylor?

The Top Ten Party Schools as Ranked By The Princeton Review: 1. University of Wisconsin-Madison (I noted it was 45 degrees in Green Bay this morning) 2. Ohio University-Athens (Couldn't find it if I had to) 3. Lehigh University (Ditto) 4. University of California-Santa Barbara (Liberals can party) 5. State University of New York at Albany (no idea) 6. Indiana University-Bloomington (Bobby Knight drove them to drink) 7. University of Mississippi (It gets boring in the deep South) 8. University of Iowa (It gets boring in the corn fields) 9. University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Liberals party on both coasts) 10. Loyola University New Orleans (get ready for Louisiana to make a big push on this list) 11. Tulane University (See, I told you) 12. University of Georgia (R.E.M. is from Athens - so let's dance) 13. Penn State University (They drink because Joe Paterno won't retire) 14. West Virginia University (I'm drawing a blank) 15. The University of Texas-Austin (Parents, I've been trying to warn you for years) 16. University of Tennessee-Knoxville (Moonshine is the beer of choice) 17. University of New Hampshire (What is up with all the partying in the northeast?) 18. University of Florida (Drinking because Steve Spurrier didn't come back) 19. Louisiana State University (I'm moving to Louisiana). 20. University of Maryland-College Park (I've run out of steam)