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I Want My Babyback Beer

From the Update: "DECATUR PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION meets tonight to consider a special use permit for a private club license for Chili’s restaurant which will open later this month. The meeting is at 6 p.m. at city hall." For years, wasn't it the belief that Chili's would never come to Decatur unless it could sell alcohol? But now, and only now, after they have essentially completed the new restaurant, they seek an alcohol license? Any chance of that being rejected? Don't bet your bloomin' onion on it.


wizard said...

And we are SO lucky to have such a competent and respected governmental body that approves of a place of business that will provide mind and decision altering products and then encourage the consumer to leave and get on the roads so the business can get the next consumer in an altered state. Aren't we just SSSOOOOOOO LUCKY?

Anonymous said...

Encourage? Have you been to a bar lately? Last time I went to a bar signs were plastered everywhere asking people to not drink and drive home. There are signs on the walls, on the cash register, on the coasters, etc. In fact, I was out somewhere the other night and it was printed on the plastic shields in the