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I'm Insane Now

OK, I rarely get a chance to watch Channel 5 News at 6:00 p.m. But I I've seen it enough to be driven crazy by the banter of the news team. Tonight, they end the broadcast with a quick piece about how Big Tex at the State Fair will have a new outfit. Part of the video showed Big Tex's huge hand on the ground as work crews put a new outfit on the State Fair icon. So they cut back to the studio for the final good-bye and Mike Synder, who had just seen Big Tex's hand on the ground, said "Give that man a hand". I groaned. Then every other person on my TV screen, the co-anchor, weatherman, and sports guy, erupted into fake laughter. I'm Insane Now.


Anonymous said...

thats nothin compared to jane mcgarry calling snoop dogg snoopy dogg

natasha8boris said...

Or Ron Jackson calling 911 to kill a snake in his garage.

Anonymous said...

Mike Snyder is revolting. Period.