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You Had To Think The World Was Collapsing

Today is the sixty year anniversary of the dropping the first atomic bomb on Japan near the very end of World War II. That got me thinking. Between 1941 and 1945, the U.S. had to deal with Pearl Harbor, the Invasion of Normandy, the Holocaust, and the dropping of two atomic bombs. That had to be a scary time to be alive.


Anonymous said...

Kind of like now. Iran has the bomb, N. Korea has the bomb and Russia and China are doing joint military exercises. You can get blown up by riding a bus or subway anywhere in Europe or just going to work in NYC.

And soon we will have Hillary to lead us.

Help us all.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is the help for us all.

Anonymous said...

I bet she will do just as well as president as she did in leading effort for national health insurance.


wizard said...

...and can expect as much help from the right (reference Gov. Rick Perry of Texas) as she got when she lead the effort for national health insurance, aimed primarily at those who could not afford the rising cost. Enjoy writing that next health care premium check and hope your elderly loved ones don't get sick in the next four years.

Anonymous said...

The Wizard should wave his magic wand (big government) and make it all OK. The government has done so well with welfare imagine what health care would be like (ever been to VA hospital) The issue was leaderhip and HRC failed.

The reason your health care cost are so high is because of trial lawyers filing ridiculous lawsuits (class action and others). Doctors are now taught to ask a little as possible during your visit, so they can't be sued for what they didn't treat. It is absurd. Sometimes you don't get a CAT scan because you need one, you get it because a doctor is covering his rear. Follow the money. You won't find Republician trial lawyers.

Anonymous said...

That's right ,anon. #4, because it takes a high level of intelligence and sophistication to be a good trail lawyer, hence only dems.

Anonymous said...

Jim Adler "the tough, smart democrat". Brian Loncar "the Texas Demo tornado" We all know Adler must be smart because all of his TV ads say so. Loncar is very sophisticated.

Your right!