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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • carjacking lead to a police chase in Dallas over the weekend. That's a Lamborghini.

  • [Edit: This bullet point has been deleted. I was fooled by a satire web site. Shout out to for immediately telling me I had made a horrible mistake.]
  • "That's too bad." - Donald Trump's comment on the (very bizarre) collision of the USS John McCain with a merchant ship east of Singapore which has left 10 sailors lost at sea. 
  • While you were sleeping: The University of Texas removed four Confederate statues.
  • The Dallas anti Neo Nazi protest, like it or hate it, had some funny signs. 
  • Nothing like one of the family pups stealing half of a Hot Pocket when you walk away for thirty seconds. I considered a crime of doggie execution, but decided just to yell at her instead. Then she looked back at me with that, "Whatcha gonna do about it?" expression.
  • Charlie Daniels came out in support of Trump on the issue of Confederate statues. I'm shocked,  I'm shocked I tell you, that a guy who had a hit song of "The South's Gonna Do It Again" would take that position.
  • Trust me, I did not learn this from personal experience: Clubs now have "party starters" -- paid hot girls who go up to groups and invite one of more to go out and dance with her. How long has this been going on?
  • I would never have posted the following in the past, but it is perfect and these are important times in America. So much can be said about this photo taken at the peaceful protest in Boston this weekend. Some Confederates/Neo-Nazis showed up. 
  • That was a tremendous police response in Boston. A little planning goes a long way. 
  • One guy in the comments pointed out that he had a son my age after he thought I called him a "boy." Buddy, did you think I didn't know that?
  • The marketing on toothpaste packaging almost made me laugh out loud this weekend. Powerful Whitening Formula! Extra Mint Breath Ingredient ! Extra Strength Gum Strengthening! 
  • Jerry Lewis died over the weekend. He was one mean and miserable human being over the last 20 years. 
  • Trump changed his masthead on his Twitter page. All I can think of is "We are tough, smart lawyers. Call if you have been injured. We are the Washington Hammer!"
  • I'm beginning to think I have figured out who the new Wise County District Judge will be. 
  • In news that got buried this weekend, the wreckage of the USS Indianapolis has been found. That was the subject of Quint's speech in Jaws
  • Tarrant County D.A. Sharen Wilson has announced she is running for a second term. Strap on your seat belts.
  • Trump misspelled "heal" in two tweets this weekend (he wrote "heel") and had to delete them
  • The last major solar eclipse we had was when I was in high school. We all went outside when it happened. I don't remember protective glasses but do remember being told not to look at it. In retrospect, that doesn't sound like a good plan.