Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • What jumped out at me during Trump's vague Afghanistan speech last night was how he started taunting Pakistan. He's picking a fight with a nuclear power? Don't we have enough problems? And then he praises their arch-enemy India: 
  • I was yelling at the TV during the speech (much to the confusion of Mrs. LL who was Blue Aproning it in the kitchen like nobody's business). I took great comfort in seeing I wasn't the only one shocked: 
  • For all of Trump's attempt to persuade us that Pakistan and Afghanistan are basically clear and present dangers to the U.S., neither are on Trump's Travel Ban.
  • A crazy story out of Ohio yesterday: A judge is walking to the courthouse, gets shot, returns fire, and then a probation officer fires and kills the would-be assailant. The judge survived. 
  • There is a heck of a mess with the Ken Paxton prosecution. The Collin County D.A. recused the office, and three special prosecutors were named who are billing the county a fortune. The Collin County Commissioners are not happy. Yesterday, "the 5th Court of Appeals in Dallas voided a $205,000 invoice dating back to January 2016, saying state laws and local rules did not allow the three special prosecutors to be paid the $300-an-hour rate they were promised."
  • Ten years ago
  • There were a bunch of Cleveland Browns taking a knee last night during the National Anthem.
  • "In what may be the largest award so far in a lawsuit tying ovarian cancer to talcum powder, a Los Angeles jury on Monday ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $417 million in damages to a medical receptionist who developed ovarian cancer after using the company’s trademark Johnson’s Baby Powder on her perineum for decades."  I want to be skeptical, but they are getting hit with multi-million dollar verdicts left and right. Apparently women use the powder on their nether regions quite a bit. 
  • Tell me Tucker Carlson did not say this. (Link).
  • A bunch of Parker County Democrats came in to attend Rep. Kay Granger's rare appearance in Wise County yesterday. They said they had to since she won't have Town Halls.
  • I stumbled upon one of the Naked Gun movies over the weekend. They still hold up. And the comedic genius is that once someone says something nonsensical (which happens about a million times) the other character will pause, cock his head, and looked puzzled for two seconds. And then the conversation fires back up like it never happened. 
  • I'm interested in the eclipse in 2024. DFW will be in the "path of totality".