That Confederate Boy Has Been Kicked Out Of School

He was the subject of the photo of the "double bird" salute a woman [hereinafter referred to as "wrench"] gave him. I posted it in Random Thoughts on Monday. I thought the photo had been taken in Boston. It wasn't. It was taken in Charlottesville on the previous Tuesday when he showed up to stand in front of the Robert E. Lee statute[*] with an AR-15 not far from where a woman was murdered by neo-Nazis.

Pensacola Christian College, where he ironically attended, has kicked him out of school. When you are a private institution, you pretty much get to do whatever you want.

"I'm a born-again Christian and I believe this wrench has hindered my attempt to serve the Lord," he said.

Edit: For those of you who think this is a First Amendment violation, your belief that the Constitution has any application/relevance to this situation is shocking.
*Edit: Ok, I misspelled that. Trust me, over the last two weeks, as a guy who has typed and said "statute" a million times since being 21 years old and rarely types "statue", I knew it would eventually happen.