Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • After I mentioned Gibson's yesterday, someone reminded me about the old Texas "Blue Laws." You could go to Gibson's, which was one of the few stores opened on Sunday, and there would be sections blocked off because you could not buy certain products on Sunday. That included "clothing, furniture, kitchen utensils, stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, electric fans, washers, dryers, radios, televisions, cameras, hardware, power-driven hand tools, jewelry, silverware, watches, clocks, luggage and musical instruments." That'll make your head spin. And I think I'm right when I say car sales are still prohibited on Sunday because of the remnants of the Blue Laws.
  • If the forecasts are correct, Houston is about to be flooded like it has never been flooded before.
  • Gov. Abbott has declared 30 counties a disaster area before anything has happened. It's kind of like a Pre-Crime Division.
  • Troy Aikman has sold out to the dumbest car salesman who advertises on The Ticket. But he's keeping it real. 
  • Private plane question from a guy who has no pilot's license and has no intention to get one: If I wanted to fly from Decatur's airport (which I presume is public and tax funded) to, say, a similarly small airport in Florida, can I just do it? Do I have to file a flight plan with someone? Are there any searches or security measures? I remember taking a flight on a private plane in the early 1980s with Mike Simpson (shout out) and we just took off from Decatur and landed in Waco, and I don't recall having to check in with anyone.
  • The person who won the lottery called it a "a pipe dream."  I thought she used the term incorrectly, but I now think she's right. And the origin of the term is fascinating. 
  • Bad constable
  • I got through one hour of the 30 for 30 on the Carter Cowboys. My initial reaction is that it is very, very good. That last 30 minutes might make it great. (I loved the old high school game footage from old Texas Stadium and old Baylor Stadium. And the presence of Texas media is a great sideshow.)
  • The travel warning from the State Department because of alleged Cartel violence in Cancun and Los Cabos will kill the tourist industry in Mexico. And I kind of think it might be Trump's retaliation for current and former Mexican presidents constantly mocking him.