Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump's 75 minute rant at an Arizona "rally" last night was bizarre. He sounded scared and unstable. For about 20 minutes, he whined about the media yet praised, by name, Sean Hannity and Fox and Friends. Not to mention that he went after Sen. John McCain, who has brain cancer, in his home state. 
  • For all other media outlets, he said, "They're bad people," and "They don't like our country." It is time to seriously question his mental health.
  • My favorite part was when he said CNN had just discontinued the broadcast of the speech because they couldn't stand it --- while I was watching it on CNN. He makes stuff up, and his 33% base does not care.
  • We've had an odd development in the Tarrant County judiciary. Gov. Abbott appointed an Assistant United States Attorney as a district judge to a civil bench.  Uh, that's a prosecutor to be in charge of a court which doesn't hear criminal cases. 
  • Bridgeport was without water for most of the day on Sunday. 
  • The official Liberally Lean Girl, who is very scantily clad, went after the media on stage for claiming she lip syncs. Then she went into Bonnie Rait's Let's Give Them Something To Talk About. 
  • In one of the most bizarre media stories I've ever heard, ESPN removed broadcaster Robert Lee (get it?) from the University of Virginia's (get it?) home opener. The guy is Asian-American and, it may come as a surprise to ESPN, but he was not the dead leader of the Confederate Army. ESPN tries to explain here
  • The Messenger reports that the former Wise County Democratic Chairman died from suicide via an overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol. I would go on my typical rant that there is no way a Medical Examiner could come to the conclusion that it was suicide (as opposed to an accidental overdose) but there were "suicidal-type" messages. 
  • I'd be very nervous to bet on the McGregor/Mayweather fight. Boxing has always been a dirty business. And this is a perfect set up for the fix to be in so that there would be a rematch. 
  • If you aren't familiar with the story of the young wife, Louise Linton, of the Treasury Secretary (a former Goldman Sachs guy) going off on a mother of three on Instagram, do so. After you do it, all of you hard working women out there might want to reconsider what "drain the swamp" means. 
  • And Linton has actually appeared on film as Marie Antoinette