For Political Junkies*: This Is Going To Be So Entertaining. And Scary.

Wow. In one day, Steve Bannon gets fired by Trump and returns to run the web site of incredible influence for the hard right. (Some call it the alt-right.) This is about to get insane. He's about to spill his guts.

For those who want to learn about Bannon, who I find to be a fascinating and smart (yet a man without a soul), watch this episode of Frontline on his background named, eerily, Bannon's War. I It explains how critical he was in getting Trump elected. It aired in May. (Edit: I just went back and watched it. If you care about this topic, as everyone should, it is a must watch. It explains so much and has so much foreshadowing). Oh, how things have changed for Bannon.

And make no mistake about it, Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is Jewish, is behind this. Trump loves that guy and brought him into the White House.

In that shocking 22 minute Vice documentary about the Charlottesville rally, a neo-Nazi leader said he  he hoped for a leader who was "a lot more racist than Donald Trump" and who "does not give his daughter to a Jew." It began showing the neo-Nazis marching with torches on Friday night yelling, "Jews will not replace us!"

Later Trump, in one of the most idiotic rants ever, said there were "good people" on "both sides." And referred to the Friday night march as "peaceful." I'm sure his daughter, who converted to Judaism, and her husband really appreciated that.

Now Bannon, who is a borderline neo-Nazi, is back to run a website after being fired, for all intents and purposes, by a Jew. And now he is after Trump. This is going to get crazy.

Earlier today, the standing editor in chief of Breitbart tweeted simply "#War" the moment after Bannon was fired. I just hope he was talking about a war in the media.

Edit: Wow. There's already a pretty good alternative theory out there. Bannon and Trump are on the same page, and Bannon can help him more at Breitbart than in the White House. You appease your daughter and son-in-law by firing him, but you now have a person who can be a flamethrower without restriction. In the next week, we will learn. Will Breitbart be for or against Trump?

Edit: Here's a tweet on Saturday that support the alternative theory:

*Edit: Or if you care about this country.

Edit: Bannon seemed very comfortable in Saudi Arabia