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It's Friday, Let's Get Out Of Here

It's like a NASCAR pileup. Only different.

Little brother is in for a long and difficult childhood.
I think I'd go there over Lone Star Park.
I'm no engineer, but that whole set up doesn't seem quite right. 
The ol' Clothesline Take Down Maneuver 
(although the head into the sidewalk isn't advisable.)


Anonymous said...

Boys, a hint on the water slide. Never put the big girl in front. They'll jump the corner everytime.

DF Wet and Wild Engineer

Anonymous said...

If we had done Fat Boy Races, we'd still be in business and making money.

DF Trinity Meadows
bet you all forgot about us

Anonymous said...

It is is none of my business I suppose but I wonder what the average cost of a closed heady injury is in this country?