Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I was upset all weekend long over the death of Judge Fostel. He had been on the bench since 1995. I dread going to the courthouse today. 
  • The judge was a huge fan of Random Thoughts. 
  • "DPS trooper fired for spoof video of shopping for teens." Trust me, that crazy headline doesn't even do the story justice. 
  • Whatever happened to the rodeo clown that had his face crushed during a rodeo in Wise County?
  • I learned something this week about Mrs. LL: She will scream and run away from a spider but will walk up to a snake sunning on the lake shore to take a closer look. 
  • Speaking of the lake, I can't catch anything. Last year I was slaying it. Now I can't get a bite. The lake is 100% clearer than it was last year so maybe my Jimmy Houston techniques of last year might not be applicable.
  • Trump went Full Trump this weekend immediately after the London terrorists attacks. The mayor of London made a statement and Trump couldn't understand it. 
  • And Barron was so traumatized by Kathy Griffin that Trump spent this weekend golfing in Virginia. (I was traumatized by her Friday press conference because it was so wheels off.)
  • I'll always be more fearful of driving to work amongst idiots than being killed in a terrorist attack. And I'm 100% right.
  • This picture of Dallas yesterday afternoon was floating around. Not photoshopped.
  • And this guy from Canada became famous: 
  • A guy from Alvord is going to attempt to get 5,000 signatures to get on the ballot as Texas Land Commissioner. Trust me, that is a massive undertaking no matter how popular you are. 
  • Breaking: We've got a mass shooting in Orlando this morning.