Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Gov. Abbott announced a special session which will include working on the Bathroom Bill. The Texas Capitol is the equivalent of a Clown Car. 
  • Speaking of, last night a state rep was arrested in Dallas for DWI after smashing her car into a tree. She's been in office less than six months.
  • What an horrific five car crash in northern Collin County which left four dead and many injured. The chain reaction started when a car slowed on the roadway for no apparent reason and was struck from behind. I'm telling you: Don't trust the car in front of you and don't trust the car behind you. Fools are among us. 
  • There's a manslaughter case in Massachusetts where a girl is on trial for encouraging a guy to kill himself via text messages. He did. Yes, that's horrible, but there are massive Free Speech implications here. Let's simplify the facts: Does the First Amendment protect you from government prosecution if you were to say, "Go kill yourself" to another? 
  • A texting-while-driving ban will become law in Texas on September 1st.  Great idea. Totally unenforceable. But it gives law enforcement a new weapon to stop you if they can justify having a reasonable suspicion you were texting even if you weren't. 
  • Drunk reporter vs. Very patient cop. She was fired. Language warning
  • The Freshman in the House got to see OU win a National Championship last night in softball in Oklahoma City. Good for her. That was Game 2 of a best of 3 so it could have gone to a Game 3 which she would have missed. 
  • The day after Trump told then FBI Director Comey that he wanted him to end the investigation into former NSA advisor Flynn, Comey told AG Sessions that he didn't want to be alone with Trump. This presidency is exhausting. (Comey testifies tomorrow.)
  • TCU AD Chris Del Conte was on The Ticket this morning. Man, he's a cocky thing. 
  • Former Dallas Police Chief David Brown has a new book (of course), but the Morning News says he has some trouble with the truth in it. For example, about the night of the massive downtown police shooting he wrote, "I stepped up to the mic and delivered the facts as I knew them. 'At eight fifty-eight p.m.,' I said, 'our worst nightmare happened.'" Except he didn't say that. The mayor did.