Let's Check In Baltimore

NY Post- Dramatic video shows a broad-daylight shootout between cops and an armed robbery suspect in Baltimore — whose life ended in a hail of bullets Wednesday after he got off a bus and started blasting at officers.

The man who was shooting at cops wound up striking one officer and a bystander before being killed by authorities, the Baltimore Sun reports.

He had just robbed two people in the Logan Village parking lot — and was attempting to flee on a local MTA bus — when officers pulled it over and attempted to arrest him shortly before 3 p.m., officials said.

But instead of getting off without incident, the man exited the bus and immediately opened fire, sparking hysteria in the heavily crowded area, known for its schools and shopping centers.The officer who was injured was hit in her leg and is expected to survive. The bystander, while in serious condition, will also likely live.