Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump is mad at the media this morning. (He's confused. The media loves him being on Twitter. It's his staff and lawyers who want him off of it.):

  • There was the longest college world series softball game in history last night. And it was mightily entertaining. (The Freshman In The House will be there tonight.) Side note: Florida has a stud pitcher with the last name of Barnhill. I thought, "Hey, is that the Barnhill who pitched at Justin Northwest, went to UT, and then transferred to the SEC?" Uh, no. She quit playing in 2011. Time is moving by too fast. 
    Not all were impressed.
  • Talk about long games: In the NCAA baseball playoffs, Missouri State played Arkansas over the weekend and the game ended at 3:10 a.m. (And did the UT game end after 1:00 a.m. last night?)
  • We had a good visiting judge filling in for the late Judge Fostel yesterday. But I heard the higher ups in Fort Worth assigned him over the weekend but didn't tell him why. He learned about the death when he got here.
  • I heard the Messenger will have a real nice tribute tomorrow. 
  • That case of the Kirbyville school principal who committed suicide is getting nasty.  An assistant principal has resigned in a scathing letter directed at the school board. It's basically, "You knew he was suicidal but didn't care."
  • A 25 year old NSA contractor has been arrested on accusations she intentionally leaked classified documents. I don't know if America can ever concentrate on the story because no one can get past her name: Reality Winner. 
  • Couple does a ridiculous, but funny, make out bit behind a reporter after last night's NHL finals game. (Video here.)
  • It's the anniversary of D-Day. That always makes me recall that the vast majority of Robert Capa's photos of the event were destroyed (we were left with the "Magnificent Eleven") when a Life magazine employee screwed up in the developing room.