Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • One of the most fascinating thing about the Comey hearings is how locked in America was to the broadcast/replays of it. If I'm Trump, that would worry me. There may be only 10% of the country who can explain what the issue with Michael Flynn is, but almost everyone now thinks "something is going on with Trump." 
  • Trump strong arming Comey in the oval office is not Obstruction of Justice. But Trump flew dangerously close to the sun. 
  • Start looking at local news broadcasts. You'll see a segment on "Orange is the New Black" which is on a massive ad campaign right now. Yep, paid ads disguised as news. 
  • Let's check in on Trump's intelligence briefing this morning: 
  • Dallas has been in a legal fight with the Exxxotica porn convention for over two years -- ever since Dallas refused to let them rent the convention center. Exxxotica sued and lost and is now appealing to the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans. Get this tidbit: Dallas hired outside lawyers to fight the lawsuit and you know how much they've charged so far? $675,000.  That's more obscene than anything at Exxxotica.
  • I've been following but haven't written about the spouse of a female Houston deputy (who looks like he might want to consider lap band surgery) who put a choke hold on a guy for urinating in public. He got on top of him as cops were headed that way. His off-duty deputy wife helped. The guy died. Both were indicted for murder yesterday.  I don't understand that. The guy's an idiot, acted recklessly, and probably needs to be charged with manslaughter but the murder charge is a reach. (Even moreso for the deputy.)
  • Urinating in public is a Class C misdemeanor -- punishable by fine only. This guy received the immediate death penalty.  (Any chance bubba there watches UFC?)  Oh, there is a video of the incident. 
  • When I saw this headline my first thought was: The Jonas Brothers still live together?
  • One funny bit going is that one of The Ticket employees has moved in next to the house where Lee Harvey Oswald posed for the now famous picture holding a rifle. That employee is now doing bits. He calls this creation "Flea Harvey Oswald."
  • Someone was able to keep Trump away from his phone all day yesterday.  That person could end up being the most important person in his Administration by the time it is all said and done.