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That Must Have Escalated Quickly

The brief story said there was a "No Solicitation" sign on the shooter's home. He certainly meant it.


Anonymous said...

Due to the high cost of ammunition no warning shots will be fired 😠

Anonymous said...

Sure hope he's got a better defense than "I had a sign up"...that won't cut it. This guy is in deep, deep, kaka.

Anonymous said...

If they can't read ,would you want him putting your roof on !Bridgeport is terrible about all vendors .We had some selling window cleaner, your choice of four brands ! Do what !! One can make a living at this ? Pointed my sign out to one and gave him a vulgar talking to ! Thirty minutes later he was back ! Ran this time ! In his favor ,it was hot that day STUPID !

Anonymous said...

I told him to get the hail out of here!

DF Paranoid homeowner