Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • News this morning is that Tony Romo will go into the broadcast booth. I think its weird that some network would pay him a  bunch of money to do a job he's never proven he could do. Then again, considering all the football talking heads out there, the bar for TV is very low. Edit: How do people read that and think I'm criticizing Romo's football career?
  • Texas is rolling out some of the worst looking statues in the history of statues: 
  • You want to know why there were weird lines on the Ranger's outfield grass last night? During the off season they had a golf course out there.  Here you go: 
  • The Washington Post reported late yesterday that the founder of the corrupt Blackwater held a secret meeting in the Seychelles with Russian spies in January. He also contributed $250,000 to Trump after the Republican Convention. His sister  is Betsy DeVos who now serves as Trump's Education Secretary. And he was seen in the Trump transition team offices in New York in December. 
  • I never text while driving and no one should. But any law to make it a crime is unenforceable. 
  • I've got Showtime's Disgraced, a documentary on the Baylor basketball scandal, but it's amazing that just three days after it airs Baylor's coach at the time, Dave Bliss, quits his job at a small school in Oklahoma. Why he agreed to be interviewed for that documentary is beyond me. 
  • Oh, my:
  • Let's check in on opening day in Washington: 
  • Parker County "constable was charged with abuse of his ex-girlfriend after he was 'caught putting a tracking device on her car'" There's a lot going on in that story