Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • With all the advertisers fleeing Bill O'Reilly's show (up to 20 so far), he may have to write a new book: Killing O'Reilly. (Admittedly, I stole that.) I don't see how he survives this. 
  • Stellar day for Team Trump yesterday. First, Trump sends out a press release blaming the horrific gassing of civilians in Syria on inaction by Obama. Flashback to 2013:
  • Note: We will never take any action against the Syrian regime because it is supported by Russia. And Trump will never cross Russia. 
  • Then his son praises the guy behind "Pizzagate" and says he needs a Pulitzer for his recent reporting. Let's check out some of the guy's past comments:
  • The guy who defeated Sheriff Joe will shut down that goofy Sheriff's "jail tent city" after 23 years. 
  • I watched Disgraced last night on the Baylor basketball scandal. Good lord. It was a heck of a lot worse than I remember.  It is a fantastic documentary. 
  • North Korea fired another missile landing near Japan. 
  • Fox 4 reported on Monday that a teenager in his home along Bonds Ranch Road had a e-cig explode in his face causing "life threatening injuries." Nope. It caused a small fire in his bedroom, he inhaled some of the fumes, went to the hospital for observation, and was released the next day. 
  • Michael Irvin has been accused on sexual assault and the "victim" has hired Gloria Allred to sue for money. Case closed. It didn't happen. 
  • A Fort Worth officer and his wife were killed over the weekend after a motorcycle wreck. They had been at a bar in downtown Fort Worth. 
  • I was trying to find the amount of money Tony Romo has made over his career which netted just two playoff wins. I couldn't find it. Edit: Through 2015 is was $118.9 million. In 2016, he was paid $8.5 million more.