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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Yesterday Trump said Bill O'Reilly a "good person" and didn't do "anything wrong." This after a few days naming April "Sex Assault Awareness Month."
  • When I said O'Reilly won't survive, it's not because of his audience because they don't care. It's about the $$ that Fox News is losing. (I think the loss of sponsors is now up to 35).
  • Re: Pepsi ad controversy. I don't get it. And I really don't get why anyone would want to watch an "Internet only" ad and especially and ad that is 2.5 minutes long. 
  • After three games, the Rangers are three games behind the Astros, and the Ranger's closer has an ERA of 72.00.
  • And after that closer gave up a grand slam last night in the 9th, this lady became an Internet sensation. It looked like she was actually crying:
  • Boeing is coming to Plano. With all the developments and increase in population, I bet living in the Frisco and Plano area is like living in a can of sardines. 
  • I watched John Oliver's show last night. I need to start watching it every week. That guy is funny. 
  • If you listen to any sports talk radio or TV, you'll hear a million times this week that pimento cheese sandwiches at The Masters cost $1.50. 
  • Trump gave an interview to the New York Times (with six advisers hovering in the background) and he was all over the place. The following may be my favorite exchange. I'm sure Cummings said that: 
  • So what is Trump's policy on Syria? Blaming Obama is not a policy. It's your problem now. The time of tweeting about Celebrity Apprentice is over. 


Anonymous said...

Bread and circuses.

wordkyle said...

" not a policy." - That may be the funniest bit you've ever posted.

Anonymous said...

I know why you said what you said about O'Reilly. But the thing about it is that the advertisers and Fox have something in common: a common market. And the other side has its own problem: an institutionally short memory. The advertisers will come back, or new ones will take their place. It's happened before.

I'm not sure what there is to "blame" Obama for in Syria. Creating an opposition so strong that it's a serious threat to both ISIS and Assad--who we want to depose? Assad has had the chemical weapons all along. The fact that he didn't use them when Obama was in office and did use them when Trump is in office says he thinks he can get away with more under Trump, and he was afraid of Obama.

Tell me again how that makes Obama weak, and Trump not a Russian lap dog?

Re: the Pepsi controversy--you don't get it because BLM isn't an issue for you. If it was funded by MADD and she handed the can to a mom at a funeral you'd be jumping up and down. This place is appropriately named--you may try to lean liberally, but there are virtually no small-town liberals in Texas. There can't be. They simply do not have enough exposure to the issues that face major populations to have formed more than a surface-level opinion of them, and even less direct exposure to those issues.

In the last census Wise County was noted as being 1.23% black. Hell, even black people in Wise County probably have limited contact with the rest of their community.


Anonymous said...

Jobless claims post largest drop in two's all Obammy's fault.

Anonymous said...

Rage, you need to keep up with current events. If you think Assad was afraid of Obammy, I've got some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you. Ever hear of the red line in the sand? Assad did use chemical weapons on his own people during Obammy's administration.

Anonymous said...

Rage, bit of selective amnesia going on it seems.
Better Goog Ghouta and Kurds.
2 different timelines.

Not Sam

Anonymous said...

Obama spent his entire presidency blaming Bush!

Also, alleging sexual harassment is a popular cash grab for women around men in power. The women intentionally flirt, get flirted back with or get rebuffed. When their career stalls or ends they claim harassment. The claims are almost always false but it easier and cheaper to pay the whores off. We know this and it's why I don't care. I've never seen an episode of Bill Orielly but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt because I know how women are.

Anonymous said...

A red line in the sand was Obammy's Syrian policy. How'd that work out for ya? Did Truman tell us what his policy was for Japan? No, a real leader doesn't expose his hand.

Anonymous said...

You lie Rage. Assad used them multiple times under Obama and in far more severe attacks!

Anonymous said...

Barry thinks that those companies actually advertised on O'reilly's show?

Anonymous said...

Im sick of this sexual harassment nonsense. Trump got more women votes than any other President ever and O'Reilly too and these lazy women just want a payday!!!

Triple Fake... said...

Let me see if I got this right - a person can't understand a certain population's problems without actually experiencing them, or at least living in the same urban area. But I'm pretty sure Green lived in Ft Worth for a number of years and only recently moved back to clueless Wise County. And he's tone deaf on the Pepsi ad due to his Texas small town mindset, but all the other complaints are from people who "get it", right? And you can tell the difference based on zip codes.
Yet you know Assad's motivations without the benefit of being Syrian, or Arabic, or from that part of the world?

Anonymous said...

Syria's problems are Biblical...we need to mind our own problems.

Anonymous said...

Cheese goop sandwiches is what we called pimento cheese sandwiches at our house growing up. They were just made of grated Velveeta, Miracle Whip and white bread. I guess my dad didn't like pimentos for whatever reason. We weren't couth.

How to Make a Masters-Style Pimento Cheese Sandwich

You'll need:

3 cups shredded white cheddar cheese
2 cups shredded yellow sharp cheddar cheese
4 oz crumbled blue cheese
1 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
1 (4-oz) jar sliced pimentos, drained
1 cup light mayo
2 tbs Dijon mustard
1 loaf of white bread

Combine cheeses, pimentos, mayo and mustard in a food processor and process until smooth. Cover and chill. Spread on bread slices. Makes four sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

So he used them during both. So what? What's Trump going to do?

Nothing. Because taking action against Assad would be taking action against Russia, and he sure as hell won't do that.

mzchief said...

The sponsors who've pulled their adverts from O'Reilly have merely pulled their adverts from his time-slot. The adverts have been dispersed throughout other Fox News Channel's other programs. Sooooo, FNC has yet to take a financial hit due to O'Reilly being outed as a sexual predator. Clearly, the sponsors are just waiting for the hissing and spitting to fade away and then they'll return to endorsing O'Reilly, big time.

""The O'Reilly Factor," which is coming off its highest-rated quarter in history -- about 4 million viewers a night. The O'Reilly Factor," reportedly generated $446 million in ad revenue between 2014 and 2016. O'Reilly is also a best-selling author whose books have been adapted for television -- a one-man, multimedia juggernaut and a star asset for the business associates and sponsors in his orbit."


Ted Koppel said Sean Hannity was "bad for America" but I disagree. Hannity has never claimed to be anything but a partisan. O'Reilly, on the other hand, claims to be an "Independent, without a dog in the fight. Merely looking out for the folks." and all along he's a raging right wingnut convincing the gullible dullards, who gobble up his BS like it was an addendum to the Sermon on the Mount, that somehow O'Reilly's beliefs are those of the righteous and earnest.

Unfortunately, it will take a LOT more than O'Reilly being an open and unrepentant sexual predator to dethrone O'Reilly as the biggest draw in cable news.

John Oliver has always been hilarious. He was one of the best parts of The Daily Show.

The Dallas Morning News using dead babies as clickbait is beyond disgusting.

Anonymous said...

You ever read the crap you write? Good lord.

Anonymous said...

And we should risk a war with Russia over Syria because? Funny you libs think saber rattling with Russia is the right policy but God forbid we talk tough on N. Korea!!! F'NG HYPOCRITES

You also cheered the normalizing of relations with Cuba, but a more normalized approach to Russian policy is outrage, except when Obama and the Clinton's did it...RIIIIGGGGGTTTT!

Anonymous said...

Mschief, good to have you back. Keep the comments coming.

Anonymous said...

Obama was so weak he couldnt made any deals with Russia. Im glad Trump has common sense and knows to run USA like a business and make deals

that guy said...

What was her name,... Sandra Bland, the college girl wanting free birth control. Rush Limbaugh made some provocative statement about her, he was being ridiculous, intentionally, and anyone with half a brain new that, but it didn't stop Media Matters and the rest of the collective left wing steam punk engine from losing their minds. He lost a lot of advertisers and it was predicted that was the end of him.

Ratings won out, and Rush can still afford to buy and sell all of us many times over.

I haven't seen a Pepsi commercial in forever, they lost me after the Spiced Girls stopped doing their ad campaigns. Loved me some Spice Girls.

Plano was a mess 10 years ago, you had to go north to McKinney to get away from the congestion. Last time I was there, McKinney was just as bad.

I think it was a commenter yesterday who noted that the precedent of presidents who should focused on presiding over the prescient issues of the time, placing the blame on their predecessors was established prior to the present administration. Former President Obama never met a crisis he couldn't side step by pointing the finger at former President Bush.

And I've lamented on here before that an argument whose crux is "what about what the other guy did, or you didn't complain before..." is an inferior position. That being said. Had we not elected an inferior President in 2008, we wouldn't be where we are today. So anyone who voted in the last three General Elections and voted for ultimate winner wants to blame someone, they need only look in a mirror.

That being said, it's really the Dem's fault. If they had coronated Hillary as planned in 08, Osama Bin Obama would have been well positioned to walk away with the race in 16 and they would have had a 16 year dynasty in the White House. Instead they rushed an unqualified, morally questionable hack into the White House to assuage their purported feeling of white guilt.

I will give former President Obama credit for one thing though, I'm bet you all the money in my pocket he has guaranteed that another black man won't be elected President for the foreseeable future.

Anonymous said...

How to Make a Masters-Style Pimento Cheese Sandwich... 8+ cups of ingredients. Man! That's a LOT of pimiento chesse per sandwich if it only makes 4. How many slices of bread?

Anonymous said...

"Let me see if I got this right - a person can't understand a certain population's problems without actually experiencing them, or at least living in the same urban area."

To some extent, yes. Based on my readings of this blog over the last several years, I'd say I am more right than not when it comes to his take on this issue. Based on my having grown up in and being around small towns all my life, I'd say I'm pretty wired into the mindset of small towns, and can compare them to my last 20 years in Houston to say which group has what mindset and why.

Am I generalizing a little bit? Sure.

"But I'm pretty sure Green lived in Ft Worth for a number of years"

Oh, well, I forget what a bastion of diversity Cow Town is. And I know he lived there up until the lake house for his recent run, but he was still focused in Decatur's direction.

"And he's tone deaf on the Pepsi ad due to his Texas small town mindset, but all the other complaints are from people who "get it", right?"

Again, to some extent, yes. He even admits that he doesn't "get it." But hey, those are just his words, so I can see why you'd jump on me for agreeing with him.

"Yet you know Assad's motivations without the benefit of being Syrian, or Arabic, or from that part of the world?"

Well, yeah. I listen to NPR, after all.

Your defense of BG is cute. Hope he lets you ride in his kayak in return.


Anonymous said...

11:20's whataboutism while whining about the whataboutism of people he does't like is classic.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 10:47. I need a nap, so I hope MzChief posts another rant.

HarveyLee said...

Ref. O'Reilly: I counted thirteen different sponsors last night.

Anonymous said...

It's the Nolan Ryan curse, boys. Trust me.

DF Dead Billy Martin in a Heaven Strip Club

Anonymous said...

Barry...many attorneys do not believe accusations about their client or Bill O'Reilly That sexual harassment play is overused particularly on people of means. Your ideology drives your statements on the media.

Anonymous said...

Yes all "Libertarians" find the liberal comedy of Oliver amusing.

Soon to be screwed in the A__ said...

I'd say if you don't like to live in a sardine can, move to Alvoid. But if the bond passes, rich Drs. and lawyers won't even be able to afford the $2.50+ tax rate that the city will have.. The only people who can afford to live there are the people in town who work for big city fire depts. or are retired and have their taxes rfrozen

Anonymous said...

12:04, Thanks for taking that nap. I was sick of seeing you piss yourself over Mschief.

Anonymous said...

Rage, that was another great example of being proved a liar and sidestepping the blame and changing the subject just like you always do!!

Anonymous said...

I guess you got your answer on Syria.

Out Rage

Anonymous said...

At least Trump's already taken action instead of drawing an imaginary red line and then sticking his head up his *@$!

Anonymous said...

With all the parks, large homes and lots, wide streets and good planning in Plano and Frisco, it's actually not all, in the least, like living in a can of sardines.