Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Yesterday Trump said Bill O'Reilly a "good person" and didn't do "anything wrong." This after a few days naming April "Sex Assault Awareness Month."
  • When I said O'Reilly won't survive, it's not because of his audience because they don't care. It's about the $$ that Fox News is losing. (I think the loss of sponsors is now up to 35).
  • Re: Pepsi ad controversy. I don't get it. And I really don't get why anyone would want to watch an "Internet only" ad and especially and ad that is 2.5 minutes long. 
  • After three games, the Rangers are three games behind the Astros, and the Ranger's closer has an ERA of 72.00.
  • And after that closer gave up a grand slam last night in the 9th, this lady became an Internet sensation. It looked like she was actually crying:
  • Boeing is coming to Plano. With all the developments and increase in population, I bet living in the Frisco and Plano area is like living in a can of sardines. 
  • I watched John Oliver's show last night. I need to start watching it every week. That guy is funny. 
  • If you listen to any sports talk radio or TV, you'll hear a million times this week that pimento cheese sandwiches at The Masters cost $1.50. 
  • Trump gave an interview to the New York Times (with six advisers hovering in the background) and he was all over the place. The following may be my favorite exchange. I'm sure Cummings said that: 
  • So what is Trump's policy on Syria? Blaming Obama is not a policy. It's your problem now. The time of tweeting about Celebrity Apprentice is over.