Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It looks like we have a terrorist attack in Russia this morning after explosions at two subways stations. Early count has 10 dead and over 50 injured. 
  • April Fool's Day is a beating. 
  • Five women have claimed harassment at the hands of Bill O'Reilly at Fox and Fox has paid out $13 million
  • This guy at the run looks like the guy from House of Cards.

  • It's amazing how what you think is a crisis in your life doesn't seem that big when a larger crisis comes around. 
  • I've never been to Edgefest but, after looking at the rules, it doesn't exactly sound like Woodstock. And they charged $20 for parking: 
  • Jerry Jones wants the NFL to stop testing for marijuana. 
  • Trump meets with the leader of China this week. What could go wrong? 
  • Funny Bit: Some guys were at home and somehow had the number to the Aggie bullpen. They called out there during a game, told the bullpen coach to get a particular player warmed up, and it happened.
  • I had no idea so many people were interested in Wrestlemania that happened last night. It's so weird. They know it's fake but get just as fired as if it were real. They truly just get detached from reality. 
  • The best game of the weekend was the Women's Semis where UConn had its 111 game win streak snapped on a last second jumper.