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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It looks like we have a terrorist attack in Russia this morning after explosions at two subways stations. Early count has 10 dead and over 50 injured. 
  • April Fool's Day is a beating. 
  • Five women have claimed harassment at the hands of Bill O'Reilly at Fox and Fox has paid out $13 million
  • This guy at the run looks like the guy from House of Cards.

  • It's amazing how what you think is a crisis in your life doesn't seem that big when a larger crisis comes around. 
  • I've never been to Edgefest but, after looking at the rules, it doesn't exactly sound like Woodstock. And they charged $20 for parking: 
  • Jerry Jones wants the NFL to stop testing for marijuana. 
  • Trump meets with the leader of China this week. What could go wrong? 
  • Funny Bit: Some guys were at home and somehow had the number to the Aggie bullpen. They called out there during a game, told the bullpen coach to get a particular player warmed up, and it happened.
  • I had no idea so many people were interested in Wrestlemania that happened last night. It's so weird. They know it's fake but get just as fired as if it were real. They truly just get detached from reality. 
  • The best game of the weekend was the Women's Semis where UConn had its 111 game win streak snapped on a last second jumper. 


Why Guy said...

Serious hook on that toe!

Anonymous said...

The Aggie Bullpen April Fool's but was in 2015. Hilarious, but old news.

Anonymous said...

People who love pro wrestling (me included) see it as entertainment, the ultimate good-guy-versus-bad-guy roles. Just like watching a show on TV or a movie at the theater. It's mostly staged. Just accept wrestling for what it is and enjoy it!

gern blansten

Triple Fake... said...

So there isn't a direct connection from the dugout to the bullpen. You have to actually call the number? They should at least have a code word to use to prove you're the real deal. Aggies!

Edgefest doesn't allow inflated soccer balls. Does that mean you can take a deflated ball and a pump? And that pump better not have any bells or whistles, wheels or cups on it! I'll bet they have a service that charges you for air fill up.
I guess you have to guess at what all the et cetera includes.
All those rules makes it sound more like DULLfest

Anonymous said...

Anyone else not surprised that Gern is a wrasslin' fan?

That's probably still the only thing he knows about Trump.


Anonymous said...

If the coach of a winning college basketball team is interviewed after a national championship and in all seriousness says God wanted them to win, would that coach say God wanted them to lose if the result was different?. No, because they would be fired. Think about it. And yet there is a losing team; so the winning coach is saying that about the opponent. God MUST have wanted them not to win. And also, if God wants a team to win...why would they even need a coach? Or to ever practice? Isn't it a lock if God wants you to win?

Harry Hamid said...

Sounds like FoxNews might not have been an ideal place for a woman to work.

You'd be running away from Roger Ailes and end running right smack into Bill O'Reilly.

bencat said...

Nothing sez trailer park better than those two RTG's.

Anonymous said...

"And they charged $20 for parking"

And? Seriously, when was the last time you went to a highly attended public event? $20 for parking is about average and maybe even on the low end of the scale.

HarveyLee said...

We know where Bencat hangs out.

Anonymous said...

Here is 9:13
"Let's zoom in on these 2 babes! Nice hair, sexy sunglasses, yep! Pretty attractive faces! Niiiice boobs! Mmmm! Decent size waist and nice thighs, calves, ankles!! Man, I'm falling in love! Girl on the left nice pedi! Girl on the right......uh.....look at that one toe! Oh hell no! I'm out!!!

Anonymous said...

10:38, that's just one exampleof people using Gd's name in vain. Biblically, it isn't limited to cussing, or really isn't used for that at all. It's any use of God's name for your own benefit.

Like, putting the fish on your advertisement, telling people they should pay you money for services because you proclaim to be a Christian, or throwing the Bible, Ten Commandments, or other articles of faith around for political gain, like in courthouses or schools, or saying that God wants you to win.

This is one particular form of Christian hypocrisy that I call out on a regular basis. Christians aren't perfect. But we should try harder.

DF The Christian Trial Lawyers


whisky O said...

Must suck to be you.

Anonymous said...

If you are focused on the RTG's toe (on her foot) you are doing it wrong.

DF Gronk

Anonymous said...

Some may put fish in advertising to attract customers with common values. But there I go mentioning values on this site. Sorry

Anonymous said...

10:38 is on to something, God is not real

Anonymous said...

No cup at Edgefest? But I always wear a cup to concerts. And a jockey strap. You never know what will happen in the mosh pit. Safety first, I say.

DF SafeTGard

Anonymous said...

Bombing in a Russian subway station? Seems like a false flag operation to me.

DF Alex Jones

Anonymous said...

Excellent RTG pair today. Women who are real. Makes me wish I could cross paths with them and a couple of cases of Keystone Light. Good times!

DF Mr. Falstaff Lonestar

Anonymous said...

We love that Jerry Jones! Pass that doobie, bro.


e said...

Wrestling is "sports entertainment." Yeah, some bits are fake, but those dudes do get hurt! I love it. It's like a soap opera and a sport mixed together.