Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • When news broke last night that we were attacking Syria, I pretty much figured we were headed for World War III.  Trump told us as much right before the election:  
  • But it turns out that the launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian air field was a pretty measured response. And it was in direct response to Syria using gas. Overall, it was more symbolic and "sending a message" than a massive military operation. I have no problem with the strike. 
  • This is not an escalation into war: Secretary of State Tillerson said last night that the U.S. will not intervene in the Syrian civil war. 
  • Re: My prior claim that Trump would never cross Russia. Uh, I was wrong.
  • Trump was smart enough to give Russia the heads up before the attack. However, that doesn't mean Russia isn't pissed: ""President [Vladimir] Putin regards the US attacks on Syria as an aggression against a sovereign state in violation of the norms of international law, and under a trumped-up pretext at that."
  • Considering the number of people the U.S. has killed with drone strikes, when we are actually trying to kill people instead of damage property, it is really strange that this story is so much bigger than the average drone strike.
  • I guess it's because it involves Tomahawk missiles so we have a "Shock and Awe" effect. Side note: The cost of one Tomahawk missile is $1.5 million. The strike, in Tomahawk expense alone, was $88.5 million.
  • Trump believes striking the Middle East will help poll numbers. Trump in 2012: 
  • On to other news . . . .
  • This guy, yes this guy, is leading the Masters: 
  • A famous (infamous?) and over the top criminal defense lawyer in Austin is being held in contempt for the second time. That will happen when the judge calls you up to bench during during selection to chastised you for disregarding her rulings and you loudly say, "I'm just trying to show these people how hard it is to get a fair trial in this court."
  • I can't explain in one sentence how much the Texas House considers Rep. Jonathan Stickland a goofball. When he got up to speak yesterday during a marathon budget session, the chamber emptied out. Here's a few seconds of his rant after that happened. And it sounds like he almost got in a fight. He also went on record yesterday saying, "Taxation is theft." 
  • If you don't think Bill O'Reilly's show is in trouble, read this about last night. Little known advertisers filled the void and then, shockingly, the show just suddenly went off the air and was replaced with Shepard Smith in the last 15 minutes. No explanation was given. Edit: No, goofball, the show was not pre-empted by the Syria attack. Smith just did routine interviews.