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Cardinal Game

Haven't heard how that happened yet. If it is because of some sticky substance, someone is in trouble. And if it is the chest guard that is sticky, why is it sticky?


Anonymous said...

Did Stickland throw out the first pitch?


Anonymous said...

The Russians are behind this but don't worry, I'm on it.

Double Fake Donald Trump

Anonymous said...

I have that same problem with my balls occasionally sticking to my belly. No pine tar involved.

DF Really Needs an Athletic Supporter 24-7

Denney Crane said...

Now that's freaking funny! The investigation will be amusing

Anonymous said...

Wow. No real knowledge of baseball, I guess. Players use and have used sticky stuff forever. Catchers included. Legal if not put on ball. Some of his just got on his CP during the game, and happened to be where the ball hit, enough impact and stick to stay there. Simple.

Anonymous said...

MLB GIFS? I thought at first that said GILFS. Dangit BG, what a letdown.