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Final Liberally Lean Pick 'Em Results

Full list.

The Top 15 all picked North Carolina to win it all. No one outside the Top 15 picked North Carolina. These brackets pretty much boil down to: Pick the winner and another final four team and you are in the mix.


Anonymous said...

I can now die a happy individual. I made it in a Liberally Lean screenshot.

DF The 22lb Cat

Anonymous said...

I agree with 1:05! Can't believe I made the top 10.

Hoosier Girl

Anonymous said...

It only boils down to that because the point system used is build for that outcome. Several, simple ways to create a points system that gives those who were making great picks along the way to still win even if they don't pick chalk to win the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

22lb Cat, now you and your mom have something in common. I seem to remember she made the RTG selection when she shot that hog.


Seymore Spee said...

At #3! Do I get a courthouse tour?

whisky O said...

Think you mean great guesses.