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Trump Wants To Destroy The Career Of A Texas Lawmaker

That lawmaker wants to reform the law regarding civil forfeiture where the  government takes money and property even if there is no criminal conviction. (Even that goofy Texas Supreme Court justice has strongly suggested that it's time for reform.)

The Sheriff might be referring to State Senator Konni Burton who is very conservative, very pro-Ted Cruz, and very anti-Trump.

Edit: As of 10:00 p.m., the Sheriff is such a coward that he still won't tell us who he was referring to.


Anonymous said...

How much money you got in your wallet? Give it to me. Civil forfeiture, baby! It's great!

DF Crooked LEO pulling you over after leaving ATM

Anonymous said...

Any way to destroy Krazy Konni...I AM IN!

The enemy of your enemy is your friend.

Anonymous said...

It is not Konni Burton. The Sheriff specifically said "he" when talking about the situation.

John said...

If it is Burton, I'm all in!