Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • It's going to be 85 today? My sinuses are not pleased. 
  • After watching a DPS traffic stop video yesterday, there is no question the troopers now have license plate readers.
  • Trump says the media is "under reporting" terrorist attacks. So what does that mean? Press Secretary Sean Spicer cleared it up for us:  "There’s a lot of instances that have occurred where I don’t think they've gotten the coverage it deserved." Umkay. Like the Bowling Green Massacre?
  • Let's check in on the Toddler In Chief this morning: 
  • He just violated the "Oh, yeah? What about you?!" rule. 
  • Zuzu's body has been found. And it is fascinating that the cops haven't charged the boyfriend with murder but only Abuse of Corpse. That means they have a very, very weak murder case. 
  • Oh my:
  • Baylor's new strength coach was arrested for solicitation of prostitution in a sting operation and promptly fired. Side note: How is prostitution a crime in 2017? (And I saw where BagOfNothing went on his millionth anti-Baylor rant today. Dude, give it up. You can only have so much hate.)
  • Hot Movie Opinion: Star Wars and its sequels are mindless drivel. 
  • I'm not sure why Weatherford College treats Wise County like a red headed stepchild. You're Weatherford College.
  • This obituary for a 19 year old in the Jacksboro newspaper got my attention because of one sentence. And then I saw this article about her death which, in case you don't know, references fans of Insane Clown Posse.