Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I received a comment that two very active commentators from a long time ago were now divorced from their spouses and now married to each other. Is that true? (Email me.) If true, I truly hope they are happy. ("Liberally Lean -- bringing people together for almost 10 years.")  Edit: This sentence has been edited after a commentor called me out on how horribly worded it was originally. Thanks. But maybe that commentor will also find love someday. 
  • I love all you guys who thought that just because Zuzu was buried in a shallow grave means she was murdered. Think, people. Think! 
  • This is the guy who shut down  Sen. Elizabeth Warren reading a letter from Coretta Scott King during a debate on Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
  • All cops in Wise County are mic'd up these days and recorded on DVD for any case that is filed. Some irrelevant conversations that are recorded give me great entertainment. Example: When a guy who was arrested started talking about a great Mexican restaurant a cop replied,"Was it Pulidos?"
  • Let's check in on the Toddler in Chief this morning. He's attacking a war hero for no reason. Incredible. #IfYouVotedForHimYouOwnHim: 

  • Eighth Grader in the House to me last night: "You know that 'immigrant' can be spelled with an 'e' and it means someone leaving the country, right?" Me: "That's not true." And from there, it all went downhill as she and Mrs. LL did a happy dance. 
  • Kellaynne Conway looks like she is on meth. 
  • Jane McGarry might rival Christie Brinkley: 
  • I forgot to mention that I correctly predicted Jerry Jones would get into the Hall of Fame. Once again, proving I'm a Sports Genius. 
  • On Friday, I posted a censored comment of someone who was very angry with me. Someone commented on that post that the guy had to be crazy and I that should look out for a "truck full of fertilizer" showing up. This is what was outside my always vacant parking lot by my office this morning.
  • Funny tweet I saw yesterday: Which will come first? Trump being impeached or committed?