Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Fox 4 had a graphic last night during a story about Zuzu which read, "College Student Murdered." Has that been established yet?
  • They also had a story about a road in Decatur ISD's jurisdiction which is so bad because of potholes that school buses can't go down it. (It looks like it is a private road.) Didn't the County Commissioners decide to annex and maintain a road going to David's Western Wear off of 287 a couple of months back? Priorities?
  • So Sen. Elizabeth Warren was shut down in the Senate yesterday for reading a letter from 1986 by Coretta Scott King in opposition to Jeff Sessions -- then a federal district judge nominee and now the attorney general nominee,  Nice optics, boys. (Note: He couldn't even get confirmed back then because of racist views. And that was in 1986. It was hard to be considered a racist in Washington in 1986.) 
  • When Trump spoke in front of the  CIA’s Memorial Wall a couple of weeks back he said the had been on the cover of Time magazine more than any other anyone. What a lie. He had been on it 11 times. Richard Nixon was on it 55 times. President Obama was on it 12 times in 2008 alone. And why do his followers not care about his habitual lies? 
  • I don't need to run for a local election. I need to be a behind-the-scenes campaign manager. If I could only get my friends to say in public what they tell me in private. 
  • Trump this morning. They need more weapons? They are already militarized.
  • Trump said this morning that the Judiciary/Separation of Power is "politics" in the case about his Muslim ban:
  • He may be the greatest gift that Liberally Lean has ever received. 
  • Lt. Governor Dan Patrick wants the Texas Rangers to investigate the theft of Tom Brady's jersey. I agree with Craig Miller of the Ticket: He is the biggest moron in Texas politics in the history of ever.