Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I walked out of the bathroom this morning ready to go to work, Mrs. LL was in bed, she's on her phone, and she's looking at Deadspin. I've created a monster.
  • The Eighth Grader in House thinks I'm crazy because, as I was dropping her off for school, I was laughing out loud at The Ticket talking about how it would be a great idea for Major League Baseball to put a cow in the outfield to trick it up. 
  • The 9th Circuit, as everyone with a brain could predict, overturned Trump's Muslim Ban.
  • Let's check in on the Toddler-In-Chief. Buddy, you lose every time in court. (And he went ALL CAPS. You never go ALL CAPS.)
  • Oh, and he's after the New York Times again this morning. #YouOwnHim 
  • My goal for him remains the same: Don't get all of us killed and I'm good. 
  • There's no way I can explain it, and I can't find it on Fox 4's website, but Steve Eagar reached a new low interviewing a $30,000 millionaire last night at around 9:10 p.m. . Anyone have a link? It was gold. I'll devote a whole post to it if I can find it. 
  • And speaking of horrible reporting, this Channel 5 reporter refers to Dallas as "D-town" (you ever heard of that?) and thinks that it can become a farming community. 
  • Random Obit: His "life served no other obvious purpose, he did not contribute to society ... and he possessed no redeeming qualities."
  • There's a chance disgraced Baylor President Ken Starr could join the Trump administration. That's all Trump needs: Someone with no sound judgment. 
  • "We won't be . . .