Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Mrs. LL was very confused and very mad about the NFL overtime rules. (She's used to the college rules.)
  • The halftime was sponsored by Alfa Romeo? I had no idea they still existed. 
  • I finished the 30 for 30 on the XFL. Vince McMahon and Donald Trump are the same person. 
  • And Tommy Maddox was a big player in the documentary. Does he have a chance at the Bridgeport job?
  • Speaking of Trump, in defense of Putin's killings his response was "You think our country's so innocent." I actually agree with him about something. 
  • And he called a federal judge, appointed by W, a "so called judge" this weekend. 
  • BagOfNothing found a Trump Executive Order Generator
  • You always hear commercials this time of year refer to the Super Bowl as "The Big Game" because the NFL will come down on you hard for trademark violations. But didn't the NFL try to trademark "The Big Game" a few years back. I ask only because I saw a lot of Fox and ESPN folks referred to it as The Big Game which I wonder if they were directed to by the NFL to eventually get the trademark.
  • Lady Gaga kind of hot? Yep.
  • I had no idea Morticia  Addams of The Addams Family was in the Ten Commandments. Edit: Make that Lily Munster of The Munsters. (I think that's an understandable screwup for a Monday morning.)
  • I have a book by Art Briles. This is the inscription. I cannot tell you how sad this now makes me. 
  • I was told there was a "Drug Checkpoint Ahead" sign in Bowie on 287 on Friday. Anyone have a pic?