Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Accidental President will be inaugurated today in the rain. I've got it DVR'd. I chose Fox News as the channel. (Mrs. LL is going to have a very bad evening when I get home as she watches me watch it.)
  • And this performance by Three Doors Down and Trump's reaction may be an omen (almost classified as a "must watch"):
  • And if that isn't a bad omen, this is: 
    "I talked about Two Corinthians."
  • Hey, I will go on record: I absolutely believed Trump's run for the Presidency was a joke and never dreamed he would get elected. He's a fraud. He's a con man. He's a pathological liar. He deceived honest and good people and friends of mine to get elected. He's immoral. He's dumber than me. This is Idiocracy come true. And he might get us killed.  Other than that, this is a great day for America. 
  • My great administrative assistant wore all black today. 
  • The death of Brian Loncar, the "Texas Hammer", was ruled "accidental" cocaine overdose. Uh, tell me how in the world the ME's office can come to any opinion as to whether it was accidental, intentional, reckless or negligent.
  • The New York Times did a "36 Hours in Galveston" article. I'm interested. 
  • I keep screwing up my investment list. I'm officially at four:  Drones. Virtual Reality. Edible legal weed. Driverless cars.
  • There was a horrible fire in Tehran, Iran that killed 20 firefighters. (I'll save everyone time. Some moron will comment and call them "towel heads" and tell us we shouldn't care. It's probably a guy who lectures us that "every life is precious." )
  • Place your bets on which occurs first: (1) Trump's "wall", (2) The Montague DA following the law and releasing to the Messenger the open records regarding the drug dog shooting, (3) The Waco DA getting a conviction in any of the Twin Peaks Biker cases. That is one hard bet. I might want to add another category regardless of how old you are: (4) Dying.
  • Fox News consulting a legal expert, Judy Judy:
  • Trump's transition team inquired about tanks/missile launchers for inaugural parade. Haven't we seen that before?
  • Who is he referring to? Three Doors Down, Toby Keith, Lee Greenwood or someone else?
  • Someone commented yesterday about a phrase that drives me crazy: "Driving is a privilege."  You are an American. You own this country. You own your car. You pay taxes for roads. And the government tells you they are granting you a "privilege?" And smart people who are conservative actually buy into that crap. 
  • The last two appeals I had that went to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals I have won. I've got a third one in the hopper which is currently pending before the Fort Worth Court of Appeals on a Motion for Rehearing. It may very well end up being my third win in a row. I told Mrs. LL that if I win it I'm going to get an upper back tattoo of the Southwest Third citations which caused her to scream, "Oh no you are not!!!!"
  • She also said yesterday, "You realize you just put on a leather jacket, are growing your hair out, and are about to get in a Camaro." I looked at her and said, "Honey Badger."
  • Yep, I am an old man screaming at the clouds today. And it feels pretty good.