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Let's Check In On Abilene (Which Was Mentioned in Random Thoughts)

Interesting issue, though. A private newspaper has the right to refuse any advertisement but shouldn't they pretty much let any controversial ad go through? They aren't endorsing the views, just printing them.

Shout out to the folks at the Messenger: Have you guys ever refused an ad based upon its content?


Anonymous said...

If "Mammonite" has something to do with the RTG's (not today's, but the last few), count me in.

DF Mammonite


Anonymous said...

Exposing the looney liberal weenie mindset of what they think of the deplorables. I wonder if CNN would have run a doomsday scenario on the inauguration if Hillary had won the election.

Anonymous said...

You got a fool hearted mammory!

DF George Strait

Anonymous said...

Is there a cookout? If there is, count us in. You haven't had real mammonite until you have had gas grilled mammonite.

DF Strickland Propane
DF Arlen, TX

Anonymous said...

think that ad was paid for by a upset liberal? Yep. My one lib friend has been ranting this same thing for months. The one lib friend also says invest in razor wire because "the camps" are coming. He so funny.

Anonymous said...

For the record, the liberal angst is nothing compared to the full blown hissy fit thrown by conservatives when Obama was elected.

Anonymous said...

it isn't a matter of right or wrong, its a money thing! if you forgot that you now know why Trump got in.

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