Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I've never met Bridgeport's AD Danny Henson who is stepping down. Heck, I may not even like him if I met him. But I do remember going to my first high school game in years in 1996 where I saw Bridgeport's spread/hurry up offense being played for the first time and could not believe what I was seeing. (It was a playoff game in Graham. Maybe the opponent was Breckenridge?) 
  • What a horrible 24 hours. (1) The death of the Little Elm officer is heartbreaking -- leaving behind four children.  The whole thing is senseless. (2) WBAP's Hal Jay's son (and former TCU football player) was killed in a one car crash in Erath County. I cannot imagine losing a child at any age. 
  • After eight years of people making fun of the President playing too much golf, one of Trump's goofy sons tweets this
  • Fox 4's Lauren Przybyl has had a tough few months
  • Abortions in the U.S. have dropped to the lowest level since 1974. No one, and I mean no one, is unhappy with that.
  • "Two hunters who were shot in a remote ranch along the Mexican-border in Presidio County claimed illegal immigrants ambushed them Friday" were actually shot by friendly fire
  • Betsy Devos, Trump's nominee for Education Secretary, was crushed yesterday in her confirmation hearing unlike any other nominee. She admitted she has never attended public schools. 
  • He's a beat writer of the Texas Rangers, and I feel his pain:
  • Trump granted an interview to Fox and Friends which aired this morning. He also agreed to be interviewed by Fox News' Bill O'Reilly which will air before the Super Bowl. Anyone see a pattern here?
  • Prosecutors at the Wise County courthouse will turnover videos of any traffic stop that leads to a prosecution. (They did so voluntarily long before Texas law forced them to.) But these days almost all departments have contracted with some video company for dash cam and body cams which means I have to watch it from some proprietary program on a DVD.  Any reason I should be nervous when this pops up when I try to watch a Decatur PD video?:  
  • UT hired a former Baylor employee, Casey Horney/Horny, who was a defender of Art Briles. I've never seen so much confusion on the spelling of his last name. From The Dallas Morning News' Chuck Carlton seemingly made fun of UT's press release which referred to him as "Horny" (but Carlton misspells Horney's name in the title as "Horne") and then Carlton's article about the controversy refers to him both as "Horney" and "Horny" in the same piece. It really is bizarre. 
  • I saw a little bit of The Wall game show last night. Dumbest and fakest game ever. 
  • This is juicy. Last week, Wikileaks editor Julian Assange said he would agree to extradition to the U.S. if the President would grant clemency to WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning who is serving a 35 years sentence in Leavenworth. President Obama called his bluff yesterday
  • The Rangers are giving Josh Hamilton at least a chance to make the team. Let this sink in: The Angels will pay him $26 million this year.